Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Good. For a minute there I thought we were talking about a FUCKING MASK!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone hates this movie. Not me. Vanilla Sky is constantly criticized for being a self-indulgent piece of Cameron Crap that steals its only positive (the story) from Abre Los Ojos, the South American film that also starred Penelope Cruz. But for some reason Vanilla Sky always cheers me up. I don't know if its the irresistably cute Cruz or the fact the Tom Cruise has a mangled face for half the movie, but something in this film is just extremely hopeful.

Anyway, the reason that line always sticks in my head is because it's the one time in Cruise's career he's uttered anything remotely funny. And best of all, he doesn't follow up the line with that creepy, over-the-top laugh of his.

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