Friday, February 13, 2009

"You're insulting them and you're embarassing me."

Here's where we diverge a bit from my "favorite" lines. I don't particularly like this line, but it's quite representative of why everyone hates Temple of Doom. My feelings for it aren't quite as nagative as the general populace, but I see where people are coming from.

So after Indy, Short Round and Willie Scott crash into the mountains and eventually ride an inflatable raft down into India (yeah, I know), they end up in a hut in a desolate Indian village. The locals think Indy is their savior because as a prophecy predicted, he "fall from sky," so they give them what little food they have. Only Willie is a used to the finer things in life so she refuses to eat. Indy gets quietly furious with her and says under his breath. "You're insulting them and embarassing me."

Why did I include this line? Because it could have been uttered by the audience watching this film. Kate Capshaw's character was so irritating that this line captured exactly how we all felt in the theater. Our intelligence was insulted and we were embarassed at every bit of whining intolerance spewing forth from the carefully painted mouth of Willie Scott. Ugh.

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